We Chase it...Store it...Secure it...for when you need it!

  • Assist with follow-up for Hospitals, ALFs, and Hospices.
  • Community Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and Veterans’ Assistance.
  • Assist patients and families in their search for programs (i.e., government waivers).
  • “MyLockBox” – our state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant document storage platform. MyLockBox® gives you and your employees 24/7 access to caseloads; medical records; PHI; and any sensitive documents that need to be secured. Patients and families can utilize MyLockBox® for storage of everything from family photos to POA documents, bank statements, wills, etc. The first gigabyte of storage is free and there is no need to register with a credit/debit card!
  • Welcome to Doc-Chasers

    We would like to introduce you to our eligibility assistance and document management company! Doc-Chasers offers a cost-effective, efficient, and confidential way to assist facilities and patients in securing benefits to help cover the cost of care.

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    What our customers are saying about us:

    • "My mother-in-law is currently in a Nursing Home facility in Indiana. We are moving her to Florida to an Assisted Living. We have no idea how to transfer benefits. Doc-Chasers stepped in and coordinated with the facility here in Florida to make sure that mom would be covered. We are so thankful that we found Doc-Chasers!" - Valerie C.

    • "I was very pleased to learn that Doc-Chasers is assisting our community members with securing Medicaid benefits." - Laurie M.

    • "Thank you so much for taking the time to work around my schedule and walk me through every step of the process!" - Mary Lou.

    Do you want more information or need help navigating the eligibility process? Contact us today!